The Original Pacific Angler Intruder Fly Tying Demo Night

The Original Intruder Fly Tying Demo Night is back! Often imitated but never duplicated, our original intruder fly tying demo is back once again.

Join us this Thursday, February 11th at 7:00pm to learn how to tie the now famous Intruder style steelhead fly.

Pacific Angler’s good friend Todd Scharf will be on hand, demonstrating the techniques he uses to tie this effective pattern. Todd will show you how to use Rhea, Ostrich, Amherst, Polar Bear, and the latest materials to make intruders that no steelhead or salmon can resist. He will also show you how to tie his deadly “Min-Truder” for those water conditions where a full size Intruder is just a little much. Intruders and Min-Truders are a must have for the serious steelhead angler and can be tied on standard hook shanks, Waddington shanks, and tubes. Pacific Angler staffers Jason Tonelli, Ron Hjorth, Matt Sharp, and Ben Gehrke will all be on hand to help you with any tying questions you have.

So you can’t make it right at 7:00pm to get front row? No problem. We will be tying from 7:00pm to 9:30pm and we will have an HD camera zoomed in on the vise showing Todd tie his flies so you can see everything in HD on our huge flat screen!

Todd will have his hand selected, custom dyed, Rhea, Ostrich, and Amherst for sale at the shop in large quantities and full color selections. Todd’s feathers are sought after world wide and the steelhead colors he dyes up are truly amazing.

Ben “the polar bear mafia” Gehrke will also be selling some of his huge selection of increasingly hard to get polar bear.

All fly tying materials will be 10% off so come down and get what you need for your tying bench!

Worried about traffic? Don’t be. With the Olympics, traffic has actually been LIGHTER than it normally is. We can’t believe how little traffic there is on the highways and local downtown streets right now so getting to the shop will be a breeze.

No parking? No problem! We have secured lots of free parking in behind the store so you don’t have to worry about finding a parking spot or plugging the meter!

See you there!

The Original Pacific Angler Intruder Fly Tying Demo Night
Thursday, February 11th, 7:00pm-9:30pm at Pacific Angler
Cost: FREE