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    Default Powderkeg Fishing Report

    Here you go folks.

    I have been very busy at the shop trying to get everything ready for the season.

    Hope to see you soon.

    Stop in and say hi.
    Should have the hockey games in the shop soonClick here to enlarge

    Interior Fishing Report for April 28th

    Even though we have been having frost the last few mornings It looks like spring is finally going to stop teasing us and make the water soft.

    Ole’ Sully has been warming us up enough to get things going.

    White lake is ice free and fishing with chironamids. Try smaller patterns like the Powder Cones and chromies in 16’s or so.

    Courtney had a couple of brave souls out in the back bay on Monday where it was ice free.

    Edith is open and reports are of fair to middlin fishing.

    The gate is open at Jocko and folks are out wetting a line.

    Tunkwa is on the way out with a fair bit of open water. Check the webcam.

    Mamette is also open and ready to give u0p some feisty rainbows . Try trolls with a wedding band and worm or a Len Thompson spoon. With so many species available there is bound to be one that is hungry.

    Marquart and Lundbom both had open water around the edges on saturday so they should be ready to go shortly.

    Get ready to have some fun, the fishing season is here!

    Tight Lines
    Fred Watts
    The Powderkeg Outdoor Supply Ltd.
    Tight lines
    Phearless ( Fred )
    Nicola Valley Outdoors
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    Default sweet

    Thanks for the info Fred. I will see you up there soon.

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    Words of wisdom, Fred. Well done.

    About ten years ago we took our two sons to Chataway and were fishing Gypsum on an early July day and the larger fish were stacked up in the blowdowns along the west shore. There were travellers everywhere and the fish were taking, what I thought was, pupa subsurface. The problem was my son couldn't hook any fish on my pupa patterns so I took an olive grey Mikaluk and cut the wings down to stubs and that was the answer. This was the first time he had caught multiple 20"+ trout and he literally " peed himself" and swears to this day that those damn waders were leaking.
    To make a long story short we took two fish for dinner and found out later while cleaning them that they were stuffed with damsel nymphs, an emergence that escaped our observations but that day lives on in the memory banks and will continue to do so for years. So much so that that lake is very special to our family and we return there as often as we can.

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