First time poster here! I have just purchased a Spratley 10í along with 4hp long shaft outboard. Iím waiting on a utility trailer to arrive but in the meantime having some fun outfitting the boat with Scotty mounts etc.

ive never owned a boat and only tried trout fishing a couple of times in the reservoirs near my home when i lived in Manchester UK. Iím now on Vancouver Island and decided if I donít do it now, I never will.

please bear with me as Iím sure there will be some newbie questions!

Might be a stupid question but can you leave the pram wheels down when boating? I know you can flip them up, which isnít an issue, itís flipping them down while the boat, and likely pin slot is under water when coming back to shore. Not sure how low the back will sit in water and not thrilled about losing pins trying to lower wheels In Freezing temps....

also the transom on my Jon boat is about 17Ē. The shaft length on my 4hp Yamaha is 22Ē. This means the cavatation plate will sit about 5-6Ē under the water. Iíve read that it should be level or 1Ē below for most situations. As this is a very low hp kicker type outboard should I be worried, and if so what issues can occur running too low (other than shallow water &#128512Click here to enlarge