Been a few years , when the site was sold by rick we stopped advertising and we closed the stillwaterhouse . We are still in powell river and I asked tera to marry me 6 years ago . The farm got real big and happening and then land prices went up and we lost the lease on our farm lands , I got brutal cancer last year and almost died this winter ..... I ate a ****load of cannabis oil and CBD and did 18 rounds of chemo .... cancer is dead instead of me . So we are done with farming because of the high stress and now we are catering to the local canoe rout and getting back into the guiding again . Maybe another Stillwater house is in the works fellas ? Anyways I am sure there are a wack of new folks on here and I cant wait to talk to the oldschool guys .... I have lost my posting status? Lol starting from a newbie again ..... good to be alive and back on the site . I'll be posting the crap outa the site again so see you guys around . Patches -D