Not seeing a lot of activity on the site these days unfortunately, hope I can solicit some advice from you die hards.

I've suddenly found myself with some time off work this coming week and am wanting to drive out from Calgary for some quality alone time with my fly rods. I haven't fly fished in the 10 years since I moved out to AB from BC, and am really looking forward to it. Unfortunately I sold my Spratley before I moved, so am looking for a resort with cabins as well as boat and motor rentals. Driving out this Friday for 4 nights, am leaning towards somewhere off Hwy 24. I was out at this time last year but my fly gear was still packed and buried so just trolled lead core for kokanee on Hathaway Lk with lots of success, this year I'm wanting to target trout on the fly instead.

Is Sheridan too ambitious an undertaking? I'm not as concerned with catching monsters as I am about just having some success as I get my fly mojo back a little bit. While I'd prefer not to just drag 12" trout out of the water one after the other, i also don't need a 10 lb'er to feel the trip was a success. Are there better options in the area that would provide the amenities I'm looking for, that might produce for an out of practice semi-novice?

Thanks in advance all. I'm not looking for honey holes, was just considering Sheridan and not sure that's my best, or even one of my better, options.