The Position:
Reporting to the owners you will be responsible for managing the all thedeliverables of Skeena Meadows to our guests. You will also be responsible fordealing with all interactions with respect to booking trips for agents, guests,charitable donations and any others attending the property. You will be presentat the property for the operating season and be responsible for all guestservices.

Skeena Meadows is a 685 acre property with 2.5 miles of Skeena Riverwaterfront. This combined with our land use permit gives us 1000 plus acres and7.5 miles of Skeena River access. The setting for the property is spectacular,snowcapped mountains on three sides, old growth forest, abundance or wildlife,incredible fishing, truly an outdoor persons dream. The concept is simple butunique. We have one asset with three revenue streams. Glamping accommodationwith tents hidden thru out the property for total privacy. 200 acres of hay andmarket garden production. The garden provides 90% of the fresh food for guestsand staff. Pheasant, chucker, goose and duck shoots provide a sportingdiversity for our guests. Our 100 bird shoots provide a very unique and popularcorporate retreat.
The vision is to have a totally sustainable property while protecting thenatural ecosystem that supports the abundant wildlife. We achieve this thrumanaging our agriculture, salmon spawning stream, wood harvest and otheractivities so as not to upset the balance of nature.
The Required Skill Sets:
1) A self-starter in every sense. You will be required to think on your own andbe innovative in your approach to sales and business development. You approacheverything with 110 percent effort.
2) A personality that is conducive to interfacing with world travelers thatexpect the highest level of service. Your approach is always positive and yeswe can do that for you is your standard answer.
3) You should have a passion for the outdoors and embrace all that it is about.A PAL will be needed. You should be an experienced fly caster and preferably anexpert steelhead fisherperson and spay caster.
4) A clean driver’s abstract
5) a clean criminal record
6) your word is your bond, honesty and integrity beyond reproach.
7) Accomplished in computers, social media, visual presentations, data basemanagement, invoicing and general office duties.
8) Experienced in all aspects of personnel management (seasonal staff of 8 –10)
9) A keen eye for detail, thinking of our guests needs before they do.
As the owners we bring to Skeena Meadows a diversified past and vision to thefuture. Martin has been developing businesses for the past 20 + years. Founderof West Coast Fishing Resorts, Acrctichelifishing Adventures and The Matrixgroup of companies he has a passion for the outdoors and history of developingbusinesses. Karen an MBA Lawyer is a strong advocate of sustainabledevelopment, has worked internationally, is the Executive Director of the NWTWildlife Federation and is happiest gardening and working with her dogs. Ourhope is to mentor the successful applicant in order to see themselves andSkeena Meadows reach their full potential.
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