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    Fly Tying: Made Clear and Simple
    Author: Skip Morris
    Publisher: Frank Amato Publishing
    ISBN - Soft - 1878175130
    Hard - 1878175149
    Page count - 80

    The Review - As a new fly tyer, I've been looking for reading materials to help guide me along this journey. When you enter the world of modern fly fishing materials, it is hard not to come accross ...
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    The Ultimate Fly Box: Over 50 Years of BC's Best Flies
    Compiled by BC Outdoors
    OP Publishing
    190 pages

    I first saw an ad for this book in a BC Outdoors Magazine a few years back. I finally bought it a few months ago. It was money very well spent! The book covers a wide variety of fly patterns. The sections are Nymphs, Emergers, Dry Flies and Salmonids. There is also a chapter on Knots. ...
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    The Fly-Tying Bible: 100 Deadly Trout and Salmon Flies in Step-by-step Photographs
    by Peter Gathercole
    full ...
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    Hatch Guide For Lakes: Naturals and Their Imitations for Stillwater Trout Fishing
    Author: Jim Schollmeyer
    Photos: Color
    Pages: 160
    Size: Pocket sized
    ISBN: 1-57188-324-X
    Publisher: Frank Amato Publications, Inc.

    The Review: When I first bought my 5wt. fly rod with the expectation of 'trying out' the sport, the guy selling me my rod setup said "Hey, get this too..." and being the easy sell that I am, I bought ...
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    The Gilly’ A flyfisher’s guide
    Compiled and edited by Alfred G. Davy
    Copyright 1985
    Frank Amato Publications
    ISBN: 0-99925-638-1
    21 chapters, 184 pages.

    If one were to judge a book by its cover, this one is a beauty. Hatheume Lake at sunrise greets me every time I pick up this book, and I’ve been picking it up for nearly two decades now. This is a ...
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    Fly Fish the Trout Lakes: with Jack Shaw

    Author: Jack Shaw
    Publisher: Heritage House
    ISBN: 0-919214-59-2
    # of Pages: 94

    About the book: This book is written by, from what I understand, to be the father of chironomid fishing. That alone warrants a look see, but its a pretty good book for a beginner to be reading as well. The book was written in the mid-late 80's, and with that comes some dated information, ...
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    Totem Topics -25th Anniversary Edition

    Compiled and edited by Ron Grantham
    Published by Totem Fly fishers
    151 pps.
    Hard bound

    As a member of the Totems this book holds a special place for me. Here in one volume we have the combined knowledge of many of the finest fly fishers B.C. has ever produced. Starting in 1968 and continuing through 1992,we can follow the exploits and follies of B.C.'s first official fly fishing ...
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