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  • Rolled Muddler

    Streamer size 8 – 6
    Thread: 8/0 Fire Orange
    Tail: Teal
    Body: Silver Mylar
    Rib: Oval Tinsel (X-Strong)
    Under-wing: Krystal Flash or Flashabou
    Over-wing: Teal and Deer Hair (left after clipping head)
    Head: Spun Deer Hair


    De-barb the hook and place in the vice. Secure in the tying thread. Leave the front quarter of the hook bare in order to facilitate with spinning the deer hair later. Tie in the tail using a small section of natural teal flank feather. Secure in a length of oval tinsel and wind the thread back to the rear of the fly. Add a strip of silver mylar and build the body using firm wraps. Counter-wind the oval tinsel over the body and secure. Tip: At this point, coat the body with an adhesive (e.g. Hard as Nails) to significantly add durability to the body. Next, add some krystal flash or flashabou of your choice. This particular version has pink krystal flash. Secure in a section of teal flank for the wing. Add the deer hair at the front over the exposed bare portion of the hook using three “loose” wraps. Slowly tighten the thread to the spin the deer hair, and make several firm wraps to both flare out the deer hair and secure it in place. Using your thumb and forefinger, carefully push the deer hair back and wrap the thread in front and whip finish. Be careful not to poke yourself! Trim the deer hair to form the head, leaving some hairs to act as part of the over-wing. Apply head cement. Note: This particular version is extremely effective for pinks and coho. I’ve also had springs readily take this fly as well.
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