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  • Modern Midges

    by Rick Takahashi
    ISBN 10: 1934753009
    Publisher: Headwater Books
    Binding: Hardcover
    Spiral-bound: 288 pages

    The Review: In my effort to expand on my midge boxes this winter, I decided to see what everyone else was up too. I ordered a nice hardcover version, in a slick binder format for easy reference use at the tying bench. It has a brief overview of the different life stages of midges, and articles by pros about different situations you might find them in, and how to fish them successfully. All the usual suspects are present as guest writers including Chan, the Borgers, Mayer, Durisek etc. And Rick Takahashi puts together what amounts to an exhaustive pattern catalogue of midge patterns, with very nice glossy color pictures to show them off and make you drool.

    At the beginning of each life stage, there are step by step examples of how to tie a couple of basic styles of fly found in that stage and then it sets loose apon you a barrage of over 1000 midge patterns encompassing the various stages of the insect lets just say that if you have a
    week heart, this book is not for you! Don't buy it! Stop now! Save yourself man! Leave me behind, it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make! This book is not a 'learn how to tie flies' type book. It makes the assumption that the reader has at least a small amount of tying experience and ability, but still gives you the basics of what you need to know for general patterns you might not have seen before(how to tie an epoxy buzzer for example).

    What this book is, is a comprehensive and modern look at the chironomid pattern, using traditional and more modern, synthetic tying materials. You'll find examples of English buzzer patterns(I don't know about fish, but they sure caught me!) as well as ice cream cones, Krystal flash bodies, biot bodies and lots of epoxy goodness all on hooks. If you want to up your game and get some new inspiration for getting behind the bench this winter put this book on your list. If you tie your own flies, love fishing chronies and you don't have's a no brainer! Lots of 'home run' type patterns. A few that come to mind are Peter Duriseks Buzzer patterns, Gary Okazaki's cluster patterns, and Jamers Ferrin's Dry emerger.

    This book gets to the business of showing you patterns you simply cannot do without!

    Review by Chauchey