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  • The Ultimate Fly Box

    The Ultimate Fly Box: Over 50 Years of BC's Best Flies
    Compiled by BC Outdoors
    OP Publishing
    190 pages

    I first saw an ad for this book in a BC Outdoors Magazine a few years back. I finally bought it a few months ago. It was money very well spent! The book covers a wide variety of fly patterns. The sections are Nymphs, Emergers, Dry Flies and Salmonids. There is also a chapter on Knots. Each pattern in the book was at one time featured in the fly tying section of BC Outdoors Sportfishing magazine.

    The book is very well laid out. It is a very simple book, easy to read and use.Each fly has a color picture, a detailed recipe and most of them have a small blurb including tying and fishing instructions, and occasionally a description of the history of the fly pattern. The date the pattern was featured in the magazine is also included.

    This book has made me a better tier as well as a fisherman from the information contained in it's pages. There are a multitude of fly patterns in this book that will cover virtually every fly fishing scenario in BC. If you were to tie every pattern in this book and add the to you box, you would truly have The Ultimate Fly Box.

    Reviewed by Ruger
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    1. Mytza11's Avatar
      Mytza11 -
      Do you know if this Book is available through any other sources other than The BC Outdoors magazine?.....
    1. barney's Avatar
      barney -
      You should be able to find it at some of teh fly shops. I believe I got my copy at Michael & Young.
    1. Mytza11's Avatar
      Mytza11 -
      Thanx Barney