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    The Fly-Tying Bible: 100 Deadly Trout and Salmon Flies in Step-by-step Photographs
    by Peter Gathercole
    full color, 256 pages
    Published by Piers Spence
    ISBN 13:978-0-7641-5550-5

    The first time that I cracked this book open, I was awed by the simple and easy-to-follow layout for each fly pattern. Each fly has two pages dedicated to it; the first page gives a brief description of the bugs that the fly imitates, the difficulty of the pattern, the fish species targeted with the pattern, and some guidelines for fishing with it. A large picture of the fly provides a description of all materials used to make the fly, as well as a visual reference of the completed fly. The opposite page has six steps for tying the fly in full color, with excellent written instruction.

    The layout of the book is also complemented by the binding itself; the ring-binding allows the book to lie flat without pages closing, so it can be propped up and referred to while tying.
    This book is much more than just a list of fly patterns; the beginning section contains instructions for using the book, basic fly-tying techniques, and a synopsis of tools and materials used. As I am once again a beginner fly-tier after a long break, I find the beginning sections were a handy refresher, without going into great detail.

    The middle section of the book contains the patterns, which are divided into five sections: Drys, Nymphs and Bugs, Wets, Streamers, and Hairwings. The patterns are all easy enough for beginners to follow, with each step clearly explained, and six pictures showing the outcome of each step.

    The last few pages of the book are a real treasure; a fish identifier contains pictures and descriptions of each species, and a list of the flies used to target them with page numbers for the pattern. After this, the patterns in the book are listed in order of difficulty an excellent way for a beginner like me to improve his or her skills!

    One minor drawback of this book is that each fly has six steps for tying it, and now that I am progressing into harder patterns I find that the six steps are a bit rushed, with multiple instructions for each step. I think that beginner tiers hoping to tie more complicated patterns may have difficulty with this streamlining at first, but once a few easier patterns are completed, it should be no problem.

    The Fly-Tying Bible retails in most stores for about $25-30 CDN, but it can be found cheaper online, etc. Regardless of price, this is an excellent piece of reference material that is well worth the money; either for a beginner like myself, or someone more experienced who needs an all-in-one collection of well-presented patterns.

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