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  • Fly Tying Made Clear and Simple

    Fly Tying: Made Clear and Simple
    Author: Skip Morris
    Publisher: Frank Amato Publishing
    ISBN - Soft - 1878175130
    Hard - 1878175149
    Page count - 80

    The Review - As a new fly tyer, I've been looking for reading materials to help guide me along this journey. When you enter the world of modern fly fishing materials, it is hard not to come accross something that was written by Skip Morris and is not highly recommended. This is one of those books. Skip's strength lies in his sense of logic, his ability to convey clearly the path and the goal, and in difficult times is able to easy frustration with a timely joke. Lets face it, fly fishing in and of itself isn't something often used by stand up comedians, but Skip manages to throw in enough humor to bring a smile to your face. The flies that are featured in this book range from simple to complex, from wets to drys, and a solid foundation of techniques are shown in full colour pictures. Each chapter has one major fly in it, and with each new technique taught has a trouble shooting section covering all of the most common problems new tiers experience with that technique.

    Strengths - each book has something it excels at, and this book is no different. It does two things well. One might not be obvious at first, but Richard Bunse did an amazing job of taking pictures that illustrate each step clearly. The second is the trouble shooting portions of each chapter. How handy is it for a new tier to get stuck and think "Maybe I should look at the trouble shooting section" and find exactly what they need to solve the problem virtually every single time.

    The Virdict - This ones a buy. I refer to this book often, and find it timely in its advice. It ranks first in my literature that I reference for tying, and is second only to Chans 'Stillwater' video, which has a tying section as well. If you are a new tier, this is a great place to start and will not dissapoint. You can purchase it at a reasonable price used from various sites such as '' which is the 'Amazon' of used book stores. If you are an experienced tier that is having difficulties taking your flies 'to the next level' this book likely will polish up your flies and get you where you want to go.

    By chauchey