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  • Fly Fish The Trout Lakes with Jack Shaw

    Fly Fish the Trout Lakes: with Jack Shaw

    Author: Jack Shaw
    Publisher: Heritage House
    ISBN: 0-919214-59-2
    # of Pages: 94

    About the book: This book is written by, from what I understand, to be the father of chironomid fishing. That alone warrants a look see, but its a pretty good book for a beginner to be reading as well. The book was written in the mid-late 80's, and with that comes some dated information, although those instances are rare and overshadowed by his sage like and timely advice. The man is a no nonsense type of writer, has a clear view on the world which translates into his style of writing and doesn't waste words. Just like many books on fly fishing, Jack Shaws offering covers a little bit of everything. He has a chapter for rods, reels, the feeding habits of trout and everything in between. He also discusses fly fishing entomology and briefly touches on all of the main food groups and insect hatches. He also talks about their imitations and gives his recommendations. He closes with some history of Kamloops trout fishing and where he sees the fisheries in the future.

    Gems in this book: Every book has a few gems and this book is no different. It has a few pages given to modifying commercially tied flies to look more like the naturals, as well as some very applicable advices to people who buy them rather than tie their own (which I believe is the majority of new fly fishers). Those pages alone made the $5.00 I spent on this book worth while. No joke. I always wondered why on earth I couldn't hook a fish on a commercially tied shrimp pattern, and why my closest 'hatch match' was disregarded. Its the 'trimming of half a tale' or 'shortening of a wing' that makes all the difference. If you're not a fly tier, this is a book that you should pick up, especially given the modest cost verses the information you receive.
    The chapter on 'Age and Size of Rainbow trout' was jaw dropping. For those of you who have read it you'll know why. For those of you who haven't I won't spoil it. But it made my week, that much I will give away.
    The section on how to profit from inconsiderate trollers was, in my opinion, a stroke of genius and showed a true willingness to adapt.

    Who could use this book: People who are looking for 'an all access guide to fly fishing', but especially those who don't tie their own flies.

    My opinion: I liked this book. I liked it because of how the author writes, I liked it because he recognized that beginners don't normally tie their own flies, that fish aren't stupid, and so adjustments need to be made. I liked the advice he gives, the way he gives it.