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    Totem Topics -25th Anniversary Edition

    Compiled and edited by Ron Grantham
    Published by Totem Fly fishers
    151 pps.
    Hard bound

    As a member of the Totems this book holds a special place for me. Here in one volume we have the combined knowledge of many of the finest fly fishers B.C. has ever produced. Starting in 1968 and continuing through 1992,we can follow the exploits and follies of B.C.'s first official fly fishing club. Starting out with some words of encouragement and insight from the late Roderick Haig-Brown in a cramped basement in Vancouver, the Totems have grown to be one of the most respected and long lived organizations in the province.

    If you are a history buff, a thousand tid bits you will find in these pages. Everything from who caught what ,to who got caught doing what. The club awards are particularly interesting, the way they chronicle the largest fish by species, i.e. cuttie, steelhead etc. and where they were caught.

    Many of the names you read will be very familiar, as will the patterns developed by these guys. You will find out how many of the old standby patters came to be and how they were named. The names of the waters fished will also be familiar, as many of us have fished the very waters they are describing. I am sure that everyone who reads this fine volume will gain a few fishing holes to try out in the future.

    Give this book a read. I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I did.

    Fred Watts