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  • The Freshwater Fishes of British Columbia

    The Freshwater Fishes of British Columbia
    J.D. McPhail
    approx 600 pages
    ISBN 978-0-88864-467-1

    I recently bought this book as a reference book for work. It gives information on all freshwater fishes in BC - native and introduced. Most books from BC are focused strongly on salmonids. The author, J.D. McPhail has been studying all species of fish, not just salmonids, his whole life and is probably the leading expert on the topic in BC. It covers equally the salmonids as it does the life history of the minnows or suckers. Believe me, these little guys can be far more interesting than you might think!

    The book covers the following topics and more for each fish species:

    Distinguishing characteristics
    life history
    conservation concerns

    plus a lot more. This is a reference book about the life and habits of fish with no direct links to recreational fishing for them. However, knowing your quarry and its surroundings and habits will make you a better fisherman for sure! It is more of a naturalists book than fisherman's book, but i know many of you fall into both categories.

    It is really well written and although it contains a degree of technical language, it is still written so most could understand it completely. It is a great read- maybe see if you can pick up a loan from your local library, and check it out.

    P.s. if anyone wants to know the peak spawning time for redside shiners, let me know!

    By flyfishforfun