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  • The Masters On The Nymph

    The Masters on the Nymph

    Edited by J.Michael Migel and
    Leonard M. Wright,Jr.
    Published by Lyons & Burford, Publishers
    272 pps.

    Everyone who fly fishes for trout should know how to fish nymphs. As we all know, trout take the vast majority of their sustenance subsurface.The window for dry fly fishing, even on the best trout streams is usually only for a short period of time once, or if you are lucky, twice a day. By learning how to fish nymphs during the non hatch periods you will not only catch more, but usually LARGER fish.

    This volume is divided into 18 chapters by a diverse group of authors from east to west. Anyone who has ever fished the Skagit with me will know how much I love to fish outsized nymphs right on the bottom in heavy water for hungry rainbows. The reasons why it works and how to do it are covered in chapter 13 by Charles Brooks, who was one of my early influences and it shows. I have caught fish from the Bow to the Babine with this technique and it never lets me down.

    Whatever your favourite type of nymph fishing is, it will be covered here. Origins of nymphs by Ernest Schwiebert, how to read the water to choose the likeliest water by Al Troth, and nymphing tackle with Dave Whitlock. You can't miss with this book.

    I will stick my neck out here and say that anyone who reads this and applies what they have learned will catch more and LARGER fish. So give it a read, and come join the rest of us who are in the "know".
    Fred Watts