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    The West Coast Fly Fisher
    Authors: Brian Chan, Kelly Davison, Art Lingren, Harry Penner, Barry M. Thornton

    Compiled by: Mark Pendlington
    ISBN for softcover: 0-88839-440-3
    ISBN for hardcover: 0-88839-448-9
    Pages: 152
    Photographs: color!

    Review: Here is a book that gives you a basic overview of every single type of fly fishing that can be found on the west coast. An incredibly handy book, it utilizes the best experts from our province to write the chapter for their 'favourite' type of fish to catch on the fly. While in such a short book it is impossible to really get deep into any given subject, you will get a good idea of what its going to take to make the transition from different types of water and for different types of fish, successfully. They also give you tips which will smooth out the transition alot. Little bits of knowledge discovered after years of personal experience that will greatly increase the odds of making the first few times you go fruitful rather than barren.
    Each expert also gives their recommendations for flies at the front of the book, so that there will be no guess work when you begin your search for a new type of fish in a (likely)unknown body of water.
    An example of the gem's this book holds, is one simply amazing diagram/flow chart showing the different water tempratures during steelhead season, and then breaking down from temprature to productive water types in that particular temprature range, then to the best fly line/s for that temp./type combo, then further on to flies for those lines. Talk about taking the guesswork out of starting a new type of fishing!
    Also handy are a few well placed photo's of the contents of some of the experts fly boxes. Eye candy for the rabid fly fisher...I think so! If you don't find that unbelievably appealing, just give it some time. You will.

    Where this book exels: If you are a new, yet competent fly fisherman in one particular arena(eg: stillwaters only), just enough so that you know the most basic terminology of fly fishing, and that when a person describes a movement to you(strip retrieve, undulating motion etc.) that you are able to see the movement in your mind, you will be able to flesh out the short descriptions of movements and retrieves given for the different types of flies and the food they mimic and as a result the transition to the next type of water and fish will, although not be made effortless, as a result be void of the initial steep learning curve common to these types of endevours.

    Verdict: Buy it. This book truly does have something for the new and expert alike. It does a fantastic job in describing what searching, catching, and playing these fish is like by each author imparting a favorite personal story to the reader. A book that is easy to read and at times hard to put down, this book picks up where 'The Gilly' left off, educating and encouraging genre specific fly fisherman to become well rounded fly fishermen, enableing them to fish any kind of Pacific Northwest fish in any type of water with a reasonable expectation of sucess.