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  • Morris and Chan on Fly Fishing Trout Lakes

    Morris & Chan on Fly Fishing Trout Lakes
    Hardcover: 94 pages
    Publisher: Frank Amato Publications (January 2000)
    Language: English
    ISBN-10: 1571881824
    ISBN-13: 978-1571881823
    Product Dimensions: 27.9 x 21.3 x 1.8 cm

    Hi all, I have just finished reading a great book called "Fly Fishing Trout Lakes" by Skip Morris and Brian Chan. This book would be a good read for the novice lake fisherman, to the expert fly chucker, looking to refresh their technique and re-establish their knowledge of lake fishing. Being a novice fly fisherman myself, I found this book gave me some excellent information on some very basic casting techniques to choosing the right fly line and even explains entomology and hatches.

    The illustrated summaries throughout the book make it easy to understand what the authors are explaining in each chapter. For example, at the end of chapter 5 "Reading A Lake" there is a full page color diagram that clearly illustrates the places to look for fish in a lake. It shows places like the stream channel, shoals, drop offs and beds of water plants so you really get an idea of what to look for when you're out there.

    I also found chapter 7 "Insects and Other Trout Foods" to be especially helpful. Not only does the book explain the diet of a trout in detail, the authors also highlight retrieval methods for some of the more popular trout fly patterns. The chapter finishes off with an easy to reference summary of all the seasons and the corresponding hatches that happen throughout.

    In closing, I'll mention the last few chapters in the book which deal with identifying trout species and their habits, knots, courtesy and safety and even a few words about different float tubes and boats.
    I really enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it for anyone who will be fishing the lakes soon. "Fly Fishing Trout Lakes" is a book I will browse through and reference before any more lake trips. I wish I would have read this book before my summer lake fishing holiday!

    A.K.A. scoopy
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    1. greywolf's Avatar
      greywolf -
      I also have bought and read this book...cover to cover. This is a fabulous book for learning to fish the interior lakes with a great deal of practical and really useful information packed into handy and comfortably condensed book.

      I would highly recommend this book to anybody who would like a good overview with a practical approach to fishing BC lakes. Simple to read...easy to understand...and practical information. Click here to enlarge

      Jim aka GreyWolf
    1. bill nation's Avatar
      bill nation -
      I have this book also, i highly recommend this book for the beginner to the seasoned flyfisher. lots of good tips to learn.Click here to enlarge bill
    1. BCBound's Avatar
      BCBound -
      Great book, I picked up a used copy off of Amazon, could not even tell it had been used.
    1. EricNotTheRed's Avatar
      EricNotTheRed -
      This was the first (and best) book I read when I started fly fishing 4 years ago. Highly recommended.
    1. MoeJku's Avatar
      MoeJku -
      I know there hasn't been any comments here as of late. However I have seen lots of new people come on the forum since i joined. I myself being a noob still have found a lot of good information in this book. From knots, set up, lines, where, when, depth, and countless techniques from this book. I would suggest a read forsure. I ended up having the most productive day on the lake after this read. Good place to start.
    1. Blaze 71's Avatar
      Blaze 71 -
      Thanks, for bringing thread back to the top, I will have to pick it up.