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  • Connor's still-water chironicles.

    After picking up my first fly rod six years back I haven't been able to put it down. Fly tying has also been a daily routine for the past three years. Tying brought my understanding of aquatic still-water life, to a hole new level. Have to admit I enjoy the fly tying almost as much as the fly fishing. I enjoy most all aspects of fly fishing such as, spey, dry, nymph and streamer fishing, but without a doubt I'm a chironomid fiend.

    It's something about hunting the fish, anchoring up, getting your chironomid in the zone and awaiting for the indicator to be sucked under. Although the majority of my Mcdonalds pay check goes to the ol swivel, tippet, and indicator replacement fund, I'm lovin it. Weekly visits to local fly shops and some borrowed cash is all possible because of my Mom. My Dad introduced me and my two brothers to this lifestyle, and it's been full-on ever since. Being a member of the Kalamalka Fly Fishers club and BCFFF has introduced me into the conservation side of the fishing community.

    The conservation aspect is in my mind, the heart and soul of our world class fishery. Fly fishing will continue to be an ongoing passion of mine and at the age of seventeen, who knows where it will go. Stay tuned for anything still-water, and the odd river trip. Follow me on Instagram @bcflyfishing for daily posts.
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    1. Allure's Avatar
      Allure -
      Great article, Connor. Look forward to reading more from you.
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      flytech -
      thanks Connor!
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      MapleDitch -

      If I was on Face Book I would like this.

      Can't wait for more.
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      btree -
      Right on Connor, nice fish, looking forward to seeing the flies that tricked those beauties Click here to enlarge
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      BCBound -
      Nice article, can't wait for more.
    1. bcflyfishing's Avatar
      bcflyfishing -
      Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by BCBound Click here to enlarge
      Nice article, can't wait for more.
      Thanks ill have another article posted soon after I do some more fishing !
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      MitchTheFisher -
      Been following you on Instagram for sometime now and i love the pics keep up the great work and i'm looking forward to seeing more posts on this blog. Tight lines!
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      btree -
      Fish are nice, but hit the bench and show us those flies!