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  • Egg Sucking Leech (Bugger Style)

    Hook: Mustad 3906B size 8
    Thread: Black
    Bead: Hot Orange 5/32
    Tail: Black Marabou
    Body: Dyed Pearl Diamond Braid (Peacock)
    Hackle: Black
    This article was originally published in forum thread: December Fly O' the Month: Wooly Buggar started by RickB View original post
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    1. swinger's Avatar
      swinger -
      This is a great fly, try it with a silver tungston bead with yarn. Slide the bead on, tie an inch of orange wool by the eye, pull it back, slide up the tungston bead, pull yarn over bead and secure, proceed with leech. The head won't chip and wear off now.Click here to enlarge
    1. kurtfish's Avatar
      kurtfish -
      I have good times with this fly in most of region 8-15, 8-14 and 8-1. I will use a yellow bead as well, and add a little gold to the marabou.
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