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    The "Carpetbugger"

    Hook: TMC200R - Size 6 (3XL)
    Bead: 3/16 Metallic Blue (Fl. Orange for egg sucking)
    Weight: .035 lead wire (front 1/3)
    Body: 'New Age Candy Chenille' in Jawbreaker(/Midnight Fire) although blue and red crystal chenille twisted would achieve the same look.
    Hackle: Black Rooster (Stripped)
    Tail: Brown Rubber Legs, Forked
    Wing: White Rubber Legs, Forked
    This article was originally published in forum thread: December Fly O' the Month: Wooly Buggar started by RickB View original post
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    1. ArticWolf's Avatar
      ArticWolf -
      nice tie Andy...never saw this pattern before..
      ..does this new age chenille use UV in it as well?..........AW
    1. andy.larkin's Avatar
      andy.larkin -
      It's a blend of black chenille with red-blue flashabou mixed in and a sparse bit of white. There's also some other colors it comes in which are awesome.
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