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  • Disco Bug Soft Hackle

    Discobug Softhackle

    Hook: TMC 200R - Size 6-10 (or any 3xl hook)
    Bead: 5/32 Copper Tungsten
    Antenae: White or brown rubber legs
    Tail: Goose Biot - White or brown
    Body: Stillwater Solutions Medium Olive Crystal Chenille
    Rib: Mirage Tinsel
    Hackle: Grizzly Soft Hackle - Olive
    Collar: Hareline natural-rabbit ice dub

    This is a very durable fly which works great in lakes with a presence of dragon nymphs, damsels, crayfish, or caddis flies and seems to have caught just about everything from Stillwater Trout to Channel Catfish. I like to fish it on a Type 6 line with a slow hand twist retrieve with the odd quick strip-pause here and there.
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