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  • The Qualicum Bear

    Hook: #2 - 1/0 Tiemco 7999 or Mustad 36890
    Thread: black
    Body: pearl Mylar tubing with cord removed
    Wing: purple over pink polar bear hair
    Eyes: 2 mm. prismatic yellow
    Head: Loon Hard Head

    When I first fly fished the Big Q, I was advised that pink and purple were hot colours for its coho. Most of the flies of those colours that I saw being fished there, had a silver tinsel body, and dyed deer hair wing. I shined it up a bit, with the pearl Mylar tubing body, and a polar bear wing, and found that chrome chum liked it just as much as coho. I now add the eyes, protected by 2 coats of Loon's Hard Head.
    This article was originally published in forum thread: October Fly O' the Month - Stillwater Coho/Chum Backwater Streamers started by RickB View original post
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