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  • Double Zonker

    Double zonker

    Hook: TMC 911S or 9394
    Thread: Black 8/0
    Tail: Pearl Krystal Flash
    Body: Large Holographic Tinsel
    Rib: Fine Silver Wire
    Lower: Black Barred Rabbit Strips, Baby Blue
    Mid: White Polar Bear
    Upper: Navy Blue Rabbit Strips
    Eye: UV Dumbbell Eye

    Tie in a long tail tail about a shank length, then silver rib. Tie in holo tinsel and wrap forward, then mount eye. Tie in Baby Blue strip in front of eye, then use silver rib to tie rabbit strip in Matuka-style. Flip hook, and tie in Polar bear and Navy rabbit strip. Push hook point through navy strip at a point that allows it to lie straight. Clip the hide of the baby blue strip at end of tail, and clip the hide of the navy blue strip at the end of the baby blue hair.

    Now I just need to get out and catch a fish on it.....I know it will.

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    1. BH_flyfisher's Avatar
      BH_flyfisher -
      got yourself a double bunny right there! Nice tie!
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