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    Just a quick introduction to those who have no idea what a fly swap is! A fly swap is a great way for tiers to evolve from there own patterns and see other patterns from members on this forum. We have been doing swaps here for many years and those that participate will tell you how much fun they really are. It is a very simple process and here is how it works, 1 fly for 1 fly. If there are twelve people in the swap you would tie 12 flies. You send them in to the swap organizer and when the swap is done everyone will have 12 different flies, including one of their own! For more information on how these swaps work, please follow this link, click here.

    Thanks for having a look! To view all the swaps please follow this link, click here! ...
    by Published on January 11th, 2003 07:27 AM  Number of Views: 5710 

    Love these fly swaps we do and was thinking about raising the bar>>I know it is at times dangerous to think too much but here goes!

    A Summer Run Steelhead Fly contest; and this is going to put your tying skills to the test. All flies presented will be put into a special Fly Box and displayed in our special behind glass fly and reel case at Nile Creek Fly Shop.

    Here's the layout - 2 flies

    One of which has to be a dry/floating pattern,tied on a #6 or larger Salmon/Steelhead hook, ...